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I take great pride in my professional achievements and the results I have gained for my clients. Not only have I fought against the biggest insurance companies in the United States, but against some of the biggest corporations and companies as well. Most importantly, the passion that inspired me to become an attorney in the first place has only grown over the years. I continue to be known as the “true believer.” I treat each case as if it were my own. I know what it’s like to feel helpless in the often-complicated legal world, and I have seen firsthand the importance of expert, experienced legal representation. I have personally tried over 150 jury trials to verdict as lead counsel and I have assisted in dozens and dozens of jury trials as co-counsel assisting other attorneys. I have reached favorable outcomes for thousands of my clients, and I would be honored to represent you.

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"I hired Andrea Armas when my insurance company only offered to cover a third of my medical bills. Within a few weeks of hiring Andrea, she not only got my insurance company to pay all of my medical bills, but she got them to pay for my pain and suffering and mental anguish for everything I went..."

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I want to start off by saying that being a lawyer is not just what I do, it’s “who I am.” I’ve always been fascinated by the law, however, I finally decided to go to school to become an attorney when a family member of mine became embroiled in the legal system. I witnessed how helpless she was against the “Goliath” she was fighting. I, also, felt helpless. With little money and not being an attorney myself at the time, there was little I could do. That is when I decided to go to law school. It is a decision I’ve never regretted. Read More



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