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What Are The Top 3 Injuries That Occur In Nursing Homes?

June 5, 2017

In a nursing home, an elderly person can suffer different types of injuries just like in any other setting. Because an elderly person is not as physically strong, and sometimes sick, they are more prone to sustain injuries. An injury can take place in different locations, as it can in an Old Folks Home. Sometimes, an injury cannot be prevented, but there are other times when injuries can be avoided if the required care and safety measures are followed thoroughly. Regardless of a nursing home being an environment to cure, rehabilitate, and bring an overall sense of happiness to an… Read More →

Why You Should Hire A Small Law Firm

July 30, 2016

Bigger is not always better… especially when it comes to law firms. With today’s technology, there really is no benefit in hiring a big law firm over a small one. With e-filing, e-discovery, and online access to legal research a big law firm really has no greater access to resources than a small firm. But is there really an advantage in hiring a small law firm? If one wants more individual attention and more of a personal connection with his/her attorney then the answer is a resounding yes. With a small firm lawyers are able to give more one-on-one attention… Read More →

Popular Wrongful Death Case Verdicts/Settlements

June 21, 2016

If a wrongful act or negligent action led the death of a loved one, contacting an experienced Miami wrongful death lawyer as soon possible will improve the chances of winning the case. The more time there is, the more time the lawyer will have to compile all evidence and file the lawsuit in time for the statute of limitations. Below will be listed some famous cases involving wrongful death: O.J Simpson – Football Player, Actor, and Sports Broadcaster One of the most notorious cases that made it in both Criminal and Civil trials is that of O.J Simpson. In fact,… Read More →

How Termination Of Parental Rights Works In California?

June 21, 2015

When a child is born, the birth parents automatically have specific rights and responsibilities regarding that child, plus the right to custody and the responsibility to support the child. California normally encourages maintaining children with their parents as long as it is in the child’s best interests. However, parental rights are from time to time terminated, whether a parent gives up the right to their child voluntarily or the court agrees it is in the child’s best interests to terminate the parent’s parental rights. The procedure of terminating parental rights in California can differ, particularly depending on the reason for… Read More →

Ready, Set, Phones Disabled: New Laws May Help Decrease Accidents

July 24, 2014

It’s nothing new that cell phones have had an adverse impact on safe driving and lead to a significant increase in car accidents, and an increasing number of cases for the average accident attorney. This has gone on since we had car phones in our cars (for those that remember), and as the phones began handheld and mobile, it was even easier to use while driving. Now, there are a few laws that say a driver cannot be on the phone and driving at the same time unless they are hands-free, but some states are taking matters into their hands… Read More →